September: Late evenings, early nights

My next version of the draft of my book is done, so I’m onto editing the draft after that. I’ve printed the two narratives out onto different coloured paper and am reading them in isolation, then trying to figure out the best way to cobble them back together. I’ve begun to use Scrivener. I spent around three nights tapping away at the Scrivener tutorial and elbowing Dylan, ‘You won’t believe what it can do! Oh wow!’ and all that. I can’t really remember everything it can do, it can do so much Stuff.

So with my other story that I’m writing I’m finding it slow going. Half my mind is on that book and half, more than half, with the editing book. But I believe in it. It’s close to me.

Do any other writers read this journal? I’m using a spreadsheet, quite a primitive and tatty one, to record my submissions. TO make it prettier I have TBCs in blue, YESs in green and NOs in uh yellow I think. It’s mostly yellow. I should remember the colour!  I’ve had a couple of flashes of green crop up recently. Which is nice but also interesting: because I’m working on this long book project I’m numbing to submissions. The NOs don’t rock me.The YESs are satsfying and the TBCs shuffling at the back of my mind, but the NOs aren’t upsetting me, at all. Funny side effect of having two books on the brain?


  1. Want to see my spreadsheet? A sort of faint mauve in-fill for work ‘out there’, bright blue bold for acceptances. The rest is just black. Easier to remember!

    • ha, crazy, but it is very apparent which colour the NOs are when I look at the spreadsheet itself…!

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